About Kasha

Kasha is a startup technology company that runs a mobile ecommerce service in Rwanda for women’s health, selling products such as sanitary pads and contraceptives. Customers can order on Kasha by dialing *911#, by going to www.kasha.rw or by calling 9111. Kasha’s mission is to provide confidential access to women’s health products and information to women at all socioeconomic levels in both urban and rural areas. Kasha was founded July 2016, is headquartered in Rwanda and strives to one day serve millions of women around the world in emerging markets. For more information visit www.kasha.co.

If you get excited about being part of a fast growing technology company working to disrupt access to women’s health products, check out the jobs below. Don’t see anything that fits your skill set? Feel free to send an email to info@kasha.co with your resume telling us how your professional strengths and talents can help our mission.

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