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How This Shop is Championing a Healthy Lifestyle

November 28, 2017 • Rita Umuliza

Situated in Kacyiru beside the Kigali Public Library, Turambe Shoppe is a healthy eating haven with a menu that serves salads, smoothies, and soups. Their concept is easy: you grab what you want and go. Speed and simplicity is at the heart of Turambe Shoppe which is great for people who want to eat healthy but don’t necessarily have the time to prepare the rich and delicious meals on Turambe’s menu.

Restaurants that champion Healthy eating are not common in Kigali and especially not the likes of Turambe Shoppe. The meals are affordable, fresh, and incredibly healthy. Their focus on eating well goes hand in hand with Kasha’s health and wellness advocacy and so we had a chat with the woman behind this refreshing establishment to learn more about Turambe’s vision.

We love that you’ve picked a Rwandan name for your brand. What inspired the name and how does it relate to your mission?

I decided to go with a Kinyarwanda name for the business because I wanted the business to resound well with the Rwandan population. Bridge2Rwanda Scholars helped me to research the name Turambe, which means to live a long time. When you consider the phrase “Turambe turya neza,” it means that we live a long life by eating well. In English, we like to say “Eat Well, Live Well.”

One of the most consistent concerns of healthy eating for people is that it’s too expensive. Is this true and how can the perception of organic food become an inclusive lifestyle for all?

Many people claim that eating healthy is too expensive. Where they go wrong is in thinking that we need to buy special, expensive products to be able to eat healthfully—cue the 5,000 rwf jar of coconut oil and 8,000 rwf (small!) bag of quinoa. While these items are absolutely fine to include as part of a healthy diet, the truth is that a healthy diet is based on getting quality proteins, eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains and dairy, while reducing consumption of items that we know are detrimental to our health—saturated fats (e.g. in fried foods) and sugar.

What does self-care feel and look like to you?

Self-care should address the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. As important as it is to put healthy foods into your body, it’s also important to exercise, do other activities that energize and intrigue you, get enough sleep and have time to rest—and no, this is not the same as sleeping!

At Kasha, we are all about women– all kinds of women and the different qualities that make us unique.  How would you describe the Turambe woman?

The Turambe woman is smart, strong, encouraging and passionate—not only about her own health, but the health of others around her as well.

What are five books that have inspired you enough to live by?

Radical by by Francis Chan

Better Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

One in a Million by Priscilla Shirer

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