Three Simple Wellness Changes That Improved My Lifestyle

Keeping the balance between the different areas in our lives seems to be a challenging area for many of us. We know it can be tough to set boundaries and routines sometimes so we turned to Christella Bijou, to share some tips on how she keeps herself centered with the demanding pace of life. The Rwandan based Illustrator recently shared some simple wellness practices on her BLOG and we loved every one of them that we had to share them with our Kasha family too…

For the past year and more, I’ve been writing about ways of simple living and minimalism lifestyle.
I put more focus on those topics as I’m very passionate about living a “clutter- free” healthier life in the sense of wellbeing and happiness.

I’ve found that adjustable, small, manageable lifestyle changes work much better for me than drastic ones. Here are a few things that I’ve been doing differently lately that have increased my personal happiness.


For an introvert like me, I find it very hard to quieten and orient my mind sometimes. That’s why most mornings before waking up, still in a sleepy state, I have the habit of listening to a guided meditation. I listen to Bob Proctor’s abundance meditation that I stumbled upon thanks to Oprah’s Super Soul YouTube channel. No matter which state I wake up in, it always does the trick. I leave the bed feeling positive and ready to take the day.


One thing that improved my healthcare routine was when I started purchasing beauty and health products in the comfort of my home. I switched to Kasha online and I now get my favourite products with convenience and most importantly, confidentially. I love supporting a brand who’s philosophy is to empower women and provide them with ways and products that better their lives. The brand carries a wide selection of organic beauty products, contraceptives, menstrual care and body care.I no longer have to worry about any last minute needs thanks to Kasha’s  seamless and confidential delivery service. It has definitely simplified the way I take control my health.



I’ve allowed myself only two days of social media a week. I only have Instagram and Pinterest which I find to be plenty enough for me. I’ve found that the two days allow me plenty of time to catch up with past posts thanks to the IG algorithm. This change has seen me to more productivity in real life, my days are better organised and I get more time and energy to focus on my work and projects.


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