Noristerat Contraceptive Injection For 2 Months

3,000 RWF


The Noristerat Contraceptive Injection reduces the risk of pregnancy by over 97% and lasts for 2 months.

Please note that this product is provided for free by our partner clinic and the amount listed is for a service fee that they charge. 


Dial*911*22*13973# then enter to order from your phone
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This contraceptive is injected by a nurse and provides birth control protection for 2 months.

The contraceptive injection is for birth control only and does not provide any protection against sexually transmitted infections and diseases, so you may still need to use a condom.

When you order this product, Kasha Customer Support will connect you to a registered supportive nurse over the phone in order to coordinate the date, time and place for insertion. This meeting can remain as confidential as you would like, so no need to share your name or provide any type of identification.

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