Aldaz 400mg 1 comp (Albendazol)

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  • Aldaz is indicated to treat hydatid disease which is caused by by worms living inside human body by killing the larvae hence stopping cysts from growing.
  • This product is over the counter.
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  • Aldaz contains Albendazole which belongs to a group of medicines known as anthelmintics, which are effective against certain worms that are parasitic in humans. It is used to treat hydatid disease which is caused by by worms living insite human body. This medicine kills the larvae hence stopping cysts from growing.

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  • Adults and Children weighing more than 60 kg 400 mg tablet to be taken twice a day fir 18 days. Your doctor may tell you to repeat this medicine after 14 days, usually up to three times.
  • Adults or children weighing less than 60 kg 15mg/kg/day given in divided doses twice a day with food or meals (max dose: 800mg/kg/day)
  • NB: Aldaz should be taken with meals


  • Contains Abendazole BP 400m

Side effects Very rare side effects (affects 1 in 10,000 people)

  • Skin reaction, a condtion called ‘erythema multiforme’, whereby itchy reddish purple patches on the skin especially on the palms of the hands or soles of the feet, or on the tender sides of the mouth, eyes or private parts.
  • A person may also develop a fever and become very tired.

Other severe skin consitions may include:

  • changes in skin colour,
  • blistering,
  • pustules,
  • peeling,
  • redness,
  • pain,
  • itching,
  • scaling.

It may be associated with

  • fever,
  • headache,
  • and body aches.

Tell your doctor immediately if you have the following symptoms:

  • Headhache whicn can be severe *nausea and vomiting
  • Fits (seizures)
  • Problems with your vision

Very common side effects

  • Headache
  • Changes to blood tests so tell your doctor you are taking ALDAZ before a blood test

Common side effects

  • Fever Dizziness
  • Upset of the stomach including feeling sick
  • Thinning or loss of hair whilst taking the medication but returns to normal after Etc…

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